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4 Channel CCTV and DVR Supplied and Fitted

We design, install and maintain CCTV security systems for residential and commercial premises throughout Liverpool and surrounding area’s. We are able to provide a wide range of quality closed circuit TV equipment to suit your individual needs, whether it is a small installation to secure your home or a complex system designed to enforce security for your business

CCTV is often used and recommended by local authorities and police forces as a major means of crime prevention and detection. It is amongst the most cost effective means of providing deterrents to prevent intruders, stop vandalism and monitor health and safety issues.

All installations and equipment are attractive, unobtrusive and in some cases invisible. We also supply monitors, recording equipment. Whether you need a single or multi camera installation, want visual access on or off site or viewing through the internet or via your smart phone, our range of advanced yet user-friendly digital video management systems will help protect your property. The effectiveness of CCTV means it is increasingly incorporated as part of a larger security solution.

Commercial CCTV Systems Liverpool

CCTV Systems require very specific expertise, we provide bespoke systems designed to meet the particular needs of your business. Our engineers are fully trained in the specific design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems so you can rest assured your system will be operating at full efficiency at that vital time. .

Household CCTV Systems Liverpool

CCTV systems is a very useful tool in helping to combat burglaries and the theft of motor vehicle from home driveways. The most basic system are to have an external camera to view the front of the property which is cabled in to the domestic TV. The camera will be programmed in to a spare TV channel where the occupier will be able to view what is in range of the camera. We can also advise on more complex systems for larger properties or when you require extra security.

CCTV Digital Recording

The advances in digital recording have almost made tape recording systems redundant. We can install CCTV systems with up to four cameras around detached properties, linked back to a digital recorder. The hard drive on the recorder can store images up to one month. A small 10ins monitor is installed beside the recorder, which enables the user to play back and view. If a permanent record is required a CD disk can be inserted to make a recording of desired incident from whichever camera.

CCTV Real Time Playback Smart Phone App

We can supply our customers with an App for their Smart Phone to allow them to view their property from anywhere in the world on their phone with real time playback. We have a dedicated team of experienced IT engineers offering unrivalled support for this service.

Infra Red Night Cameras

Many thefts and incidents of criminal damage occur during the hours of darkness but standard CCTV equipment requires there to be some light for to function so are useless at night. Recent advances in infra red technology have allowed external unobtrusive cameras to be fitted with infra red LED’s. These allow quality monochrome cameras to see in the dark for a distance of up to 25 metres. We can also install day/night cameras. This type of camera can view and record in Colour during the daytime, but when the ambient light level drops, the camera automatically switches to monochrome (black/white) for sharper images.

TV Signal Booster

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