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Satellite TV in the UK

Click here for Satellite products Satellite TV in the UK has been a popular option for UK households for many years, and for good reason. It offers a wide range of channels, including both free-to-air and subscription-based options. Satellite TV also offers excellent picture quality and sound, and it is relatively easy to set up. […]

TV Signal Booster

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated with poor TV reception? Maybe you live in a rural area with weak signals, or maybe your home is surrounded by tall buildings that block the signal. Whatever the reason, a TV signal booster can help you get the clearest possible picture. A TV signal booster is a […]

Camera CCTV System installed

Camera System installed benefits off cctv CCTV System installed Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of cameras that are used to monitor an area. CCTV systems are used in a variety of settings, including businesses, homes, and public places. There are many benefits to using CCTV on property. These benefits include: Deterrent effect: CCTV cameras can […]

Retune Digital Television

Retune Digital Television The Freeview TV guide was updated on Wednesday, 3 September to create extra capacity for new services. As a result, Children’s and News channels moved to new number Retune Digital Television If you haven’t already done so, retune your TV or digital box to update your guide. This only takes only a […]

Problem with birds on tv aerial

do you have a problem with birds  on tv aerial  Problem with birds  on tv aerial Bird spikes are a type of bird deterrent that is designed to prevent birds from landing on surfaces. They are typically made of plastic or metal, and they have sharp points that discourage birds from landing. Bird spikes are […]

new sky box magic eye not working

new sky box magic eye not working Have you just received a new sky box and your magic eye  not working , we can help contact us now

4g tv Signal problems

4G tv signal problems At a4 Digital aerials we can announce that all our standard digital aerials are already filtered to help with any 4G tv signal problems caused to your tv signal , when the digital masts are activated

Program your Sky remote to control your TV

Your Sky remote makes use of a special four-digit “code” to operate both your Sky box and your TV, meaning you can use just one remote to handle all Sky functions, to change the TV volume and to turn your TV on and off.

A4 Digital Aerials Launch new website

A4 Digital Aerials are please to launch their new website after working with BDI Media in Liverpool. A4 Digital Aerials are please to launch their new website after working with BDI Media in Liverpool.